Expeditions are unique exploratory journeys where we live out our faith among the people as we travel. Where we venture there is no church yet and little if any missionary work.

World Horizons is at the cutting edge of pioneer mission to several of the least reached people groups. Our Expeditions are at the forefront of this vision, introducing you, face to face, to some of these people. Often these communities exist in what are considered the hard, remote or dangerous places of the world. This is why Expeditions exist. We go to the people who live in the hard, the remote and the dangerous places. This is our call, to ‘dare more boldly’. Come and join us!

Expeditions are about Adventure, Relationship and Faith:

Adventure: to embrace the unknown
As unique exploratory journeys, Expeditions are demanding, often involving long hours in cramped conditions with unexpected challenges to be negotiated along the way. Journeys cover hundreds of miles and may include sitting on the roof of a bus, trekking over a mountain pass or sleeping in a hammock in a train cargo wagon. We expect team members to embrace the unknown element of adventure, to come with a courageous and positive attitude, and to rise to overcome the challenges that will be faced.

Relationship and faith: to be friends who love deeply
To live out our faith among the people as we travel means that we will interact naturally with the local people and travellers that we meet. It is about being relational by loving and accepting people for who they are, being in the moment, initiating conversations, being curious, enjoying laughter and healthy banter, asking questions, listening and sharing. Every interaction is different, and you never know who you will meet! Throughout all this we pray, talk about the things of faith and life, have communion around the meal table and share what God is teaching us personally. This happens with the local people and other travellers present. Great team relationships are crucial as we seek to influence and share the Good News in many small ways that people can observe through our lifestyle and hear in our conversation.

Our Expeditions for 2021
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Mountain People
Summer 2021: 16 days

Desert People
Spring 2021: 10 days

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