Italy – Genoa

Italy is known for its fantastic food, stunning landscapes and historic architecture. Join a team for a trip to Genoa, led by our World Horizons workers.

Genoa is a city of contradictions that reveals both grandeur and squalor, sparkling light and deep shade. The historic city centre, with its narrow winding lanes, dates back to medieval times and is the largest of its kind still in existence today. Genoa’s weighty architectural heritage also speaks of its former glory as medieval rulers of the Mediterranean.

Spiritually, Italy is not the Christian nation it is sometimes thought to be. Although more than 90% of the population consider themselves to be Catholic, less than a third are practising, and only 1.3% of Italians are evangelical believers. Today much of Italy is untouched by the Gospel.

As your group travels you will learn about Italian culture and religious beliefs. Many Italians have become increasingly cynical regarding ceremonial religion but are still seeking greater meaning and purpose. Italy is ripe for the change that only an encounter with Christ can bring. Over the years World Horizons has been steadily building relationships with local churches. Come and strengthen this bond by encouraging Italian believers and praying for the towns and cities that your group will visit.

Please contact us for dates, locations and further information.

If you are looking for further options to go and serve as an individual, take a look at our Short-Term Placements page for our range of opportunities!

  • Come to a Step Weekend at our Centre for the Nations to find out more.
  • Invite us. We’d love to share about our short-term mission opportunities with your church or Christian Union.

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