North Africa – Mountain Villages

Would you like to take a group from your church or Christian Union for a Mission Trip to North Africa? Fly out for a mountain trek with a guide, where you will explore rural villages off the beaten track, far beyond the tourist routes.  Stay in local people’s homes, taste delicious tagines and be amazed at the hospitality of Berber communities! We can help with administration and logistics and also send an experienced World Horizons co-leader if you wish.

On arrival your group will head straight to a small town that is the start of our trekking route. For the first couple of days you will slowly wind your way through beautiful valleys, whilst enjoying the tranquil environment. Together with your guide, you will then head up to the higher mountains for incomparable views. See first-hand how the fascinating Berbers have lived here for generations. Your final day will be spent exploring the ancient souks and bazaars of a vibrant North African city.

Less than one percent of the North African population follow Christian beliefs; the region is majority-Muslim. The Berbers, although often on the move, are not totally nomadic. Their societies are organised around two main systems: Islam and the tribe. In rural Berber societies, ancient beliefs and customs are intermingled with their Muslim faith.

Our North Africa team will share with your group inspiring stories of what God is doing in the region. The team will introduce you to individuals who are exploring their faith in Jesus; you will have the opportunity to encourage those who open their homes to you. Come with us for a cultural and spiritual adventure, and return with exciting stories of your own to share!

  • Come to a Step Weekend at our Centre for the Nations to find out more.
  • Invite us. We’d love to share about our short-term mission opportunities with your church or Christian Union.

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