Grand Tour of Europe – The Eastern Link

Travel with us for the whole of the route or an individual leg of this extensive 5,000-mile overland journey into the heart of Europe and the Balkans. There are six flight or drive options to choose from.

Come and explore another side of Europe. Get an insight into its once great missionary past and walk in the footsteps of inspirational historical Christian figures. Join us to travel across this diverse region as we uncover the origins of Christian mission, monasticism and movements of prayer that initially came from the East.

Travelling through villages, towns and cities, including those where there is little or no active Christian witness, we will seek to find and tap into the once-flowing ‘wells of salvation’ that brought Christ’s light to the peoples of Europe, rediscovering them for ourselves and others. It will be one of the most enlightening and life-changing journeys you will ever experience.

During the Grand Tour as we worship in 33 key places across Europe that have significant links to the East, we will pray, proclaim, and prophesy together. We will also prayerfully seek openings to share our faith and pray with people we meet.

As a group we will follow a daily ancient rhythm of prayer gathering inspiration from the early monastic fathers including Saint Basil of Caesarea, John Cassian, John Chrysostom, and Saint Benedict. We will use daily prayer and meditation guides to shape our devotions and focus our worship as we travel. At regular stages on the journey we will join with others to pray as we visit houses of prayer, meet World Horizons mission workers and hear from local church contacts. There will also be time given for personal devotion and reflection.

Throughout this Mission trip we will learn about the lives and testimonies of the early missionaries who brought the Good News to Europe, including  Ulfilas – the missionary to the Goths, John Cassian – the monastic father to Europe  and Saint Fergal and Saint Columbanus – the Celtic missionaries to Europe. We will uncover the stories of those from an orthodox background including Saint Cyril and Methodius – missionaries to the Slavs and Bulgars. They, along with Saint Benedict, are co-patron saints of Europe.

We will hear of the martyrdom of Saint Maurice, and visit the 1,500-year-old monastery dedicated to his name. The Swiss monastery is known for patterns of perpetual prayer. Such concepts will guide our meditations as we experience the Grand Tour’s unique daily devotional rhythm.

Come prepared to explore and experience different methods of prayer and worship, and to share your experiences and understanding as we seek God together each day.

Travel and Accommodation
We will be travelling in a Landrover TDI – seven seat vehicle. This form of transport is compact, basic, and not air-conditioned as is typical for a noisy non-sophisticated vehicle of this type.

Be prepared for simple living conditions with shared facilities. Accommodation will include camping under a tarpaulin attached to the side of the vehicle, hostels, and the occasional offer of hospitality in a house or church. Washing facilities may be rudimentary at times depending on the sites used.