Joining World Horizons

Getting to know us

Moving into full-time Christian ministry is an incredible privilege and also sometimes a daunting commitment! It’s great to have family, friends and church leaders on that ‘journey’ with you so that they can pray and support you as you step out on your new adventure.

The best way to start finding out how we work as an organisation, where we serve and what we do, is by joining us for an Online Open Day. During the Open Day you’ll get to take part in tailored sessions and engage with individuals working with the arts, business as mission, refugees and asylum seekers. As you get to know us and we get to know you, we can explore if it’s a good ‘fit’, and if the Lord is calling you to join the World Horizons family!

We also recommend that you participate in one of our short-term mission opportunities before applying to join World Horizons in full-time ministry. This is so that you have an understanding of how we operate and some of the aims and objectives of our movement before you decide to work with us.

Serving with World Horizons

Some people have a strong calling to a certain field or ministry before they apply to join World Horizons. Others want to serve the Lord in cross-cultural mission, but don’t know where, nor what they will be doing.

As we spend time seeking God together, it often becomes clear what the next steps should be and whether someone is best suited to a UK-based or overseas position.

To find out more about our opportunities, see the Serve by RegionServe by Ministry and UK Opportunities pages. For more specific details about the role you are interested in, we will put you in touch with the relevant UK or overseas team before you apply to join World Horizons.

For those applying to join one of World Horizons existing teams around the world long-term, there is the option to complete the nine month preparation of the Pioneer Initiative as your pre-field training.

Church partnerships

In some circumstances, those applying to join us do not have a sending church, but for those who do, we aim to cultivate strong partnerships with those churches as we recognise that they know you better than we do! So that they are aware of your needs and how best to support you, it is important to include your church leadership in your decision-making.

We also seek to bless UK churches – this could be through hosting a church group at our Centre for the Nations, running a prayer event, leading a service or running sessions for children. We are always excited to take part in local outreach or to inspire others to get involved in worldwide mission.


All World Horizons’ workers, whether working in the UK or overseas, raise their own finance. Sometimes this comes through partnering with their church, with individuals and/or family; some teach English; some use their pension from previous employment; others do a combination of these things. We have seen God provide in many different ways across our movement and are always interested in new and creative methods of financing mission, whether through sustainable living, developing a micro-enterprise, or something entirely different. We recognise that raising finance is often an incredible faith-building experience and is part of our preparation as we learn to rely on God in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situations.

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