Come and explore another side of Europe. Get an insight into its once great missionary past and walk in the footsteps of inspirational historical Christian figures.

Want to discover more of what God is doing in the nations?

Mission Trips are an opportunity for you to explore, overcome challenges and take risks. Be prepared to fall in love with lands and peoples and learn about yourself, others and God. The road less travelled awaits you!

Risk: the exploration and discovery of the unknown. Exploring and discovering are essential elements of our faith. Stepping into the unknown and taking risks are fundamental to our personal growth and to developing our relationship with God.

Community: the challenge and the joy of journeying with like-minded people: You will get the most out of your Mission Trip if you fully commit to listening and engaging with God, to living in close community, sharing in prayer, worship and bible study, and in being open to God’s heart for the nations.

Learning: embracing diversity as you encounter people, culture, history, and religion. Be ready to be transformed and changed by God and his love for all the world!

Our hope is that your Mission Trip will contribute towards World Horizons long-term mission strategy, joining in with what God is already doing by encouraging and serving pioneer mission work. Come and make a difference in the nations!

Grand Tour of Europe - The Eastern Link