Northern Cyprus

Our team in Northern Cyprus run a ministry training program called Exile Ministry Training which is designed to equip men and women for ministry in the Muslim World. Students live together in an intense community environment for three months where our goal is to help them grow in knowledge, experience, and character. We have been training people from diverse backgrounds and helping them get connected to ministry opportunities around the world. You can find out more details about Exile Ministry Training at

We also run a company called Exile Coffee and Wine that roasts specialty coffee and makes natural wine for the good of Cyprus. Our cafe hosts three different church congregations on Sundays and has become a hub for serving our local community. The cafe also functions as an art gallery with an exhibit that rotates every six to eight weeks, featuring local painters and photographers. You can find more about the company on Instagram @exilecoffeeandwine or on the Exile Coffee website at

All of our team members also serve in a local church with an English-speaking congregation and a Turkish-speaking congregation. And we are actively looking for ways to live out the kind of love and reconciliation that the divided island of Cyprus desperately needs. All our ministries are looking for people to help. If you are interested in serving with us or would like to find out more, please let us know.