Pray With Us


Prayer is at the heart of all that we do. We desire to listen to God and commit time and energy to prayer and worship, the core foundations of our ministry. Our prayer days, prayer months and other focused times of prayer and worship reflect this priority. We come together to pray for the seemingly impossible, for new works to be established and the least reached to meet Christ. Around the world, over 6,500 people groups have still to hear the Gospel message. We want to partner with the UK church in sharing the Good News with those who’ve never heard it before – both locally and globally. Our prayer is that we will see more people serving with us in both short and long-term mission amongst the least reached.

We have many years’ experience of speaking at churches on a variety of different topics related to world mission and running creative prayer sessions. See our Church Visits page for further information.

Prophetic Prayer

Prayer builds an understanding of God’s heart and mind. We want this understanding to direct the decisions we take. Our desire is to work in the truth and direction He reveals, not in human wisdom.

We long to see the power of the Holy Spirit moving in the places where we work. Our hope is that as we go and pray together with local believers, they will be released into their own creative forms of prayer and worship.

We believe that God has called us to establish praying and worshipping communities in specific areas within the 10/40 window. We see this developing with both larger bases and small groups meeting to pray as part of their ministry. Our vision is that people are discipled, communities transformed and God’s Kingdom come in tangible ways.

  • Isaiah 19:23 Highway – We believe that there is still time and opportunity for Egypt, Israel and Assyria to come to have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. He is the only way for healing and unity amongst these nations. We desire to support these people groups as they become the ‘blessing on the earth’ that Isaiah prophesied about.
  • North Indian peoples – Northern India is considered by many to be the last major challenge in world mission. In this part of the world over 500 million people have yet to hear the Gospel. Our South Asia team is specifically praying for the many different Muslim people groups of this region to have a life-changing encounter with Christ.
  • Along the Silk Road – The Silk Road is a historical trade route from China to the Middle East through Central Asia. Along this route we are running mission trips, as well as establishing long-term ministries.
  • Ringing the Mediterranean – As part of a network with other partners, our vision is to see missional houses of prayer in all the nations surrounding the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
  • Surrounding the Sahara – For many years we have had workers and close partners ministering, praying and worshipping in the countries that surround the Sahara

Pioneering Prayer

Groups have travelled to pray, worship and prophesy alongside national believers, in desert and mountain regions where there has been little or no Christian witness. God often calls us to go where others are not going, and as we’ve stepped out, new opportunities to witness have come to fruition in those places. In some of these least reached areas, pioneer workers have been able to share their faith sensitively with the local people and establish ministry initiatives. We long to see God move further in power, and for His kingdom purposes to come to these regions.

Pastoral Prayer

We have a dedicated team of member care workers supporting our colleagues who are living, working and ministering in some of the most spiritually challenging places in the world. An essential part of our ongoing care and commitment to them is to pray regularly for their particular needs, as well as to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

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