Want to go and serve in mission this year? Come and play your part in making a difference in the nations on a short-term placement with one of our teams.

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to restrict options for international travel, however we are happy to receive enquiries and explore with you what placements may now be possible.

There are many opportunities for individuals, couples and families to come and get involved on a Short-Term Placement with the different projects run by our teams in the UK and overseas. Placements can be arranged for from two weeks up to five months in length.

As part of the application process, some Short-Term Placements will require a satisfactory criminal background check. This may require you to visit our HR department in South Wales.

A Short-Term Placement is a great opportunity for you:

  • To take your first step into mission by experiencing a new place and serving alongside our teams as they work with local people.
  • To experience life as a mission worker by getting involved with one of our teams’ projects on a day-to-day basis.
  • To serve, enabling our teams the opportunity to develop or expand their projects so that more people can hear the Gospel.
  • To test the calling you believe God is giving you for your life. For some, a Short-Term placement is a first step into serving in mission long-term. By stepping out you may hear from God with a new sense of clarity.

We can arrange Short-Term Placements for those aged 18 years old and over. Thinking about going and serving during your university summer holiday, using your skills on a placement during your career break, or serving God in mission once you’ve retired? We’d love to hear from you.

We have teams that run a wide variety of projects and ministries working in over 30 countries. All of our teams have the same focus, to share the Gospel with the least reached, to serve in the community and see God’s kingdom established in their locality. Many of our teams would welcome you on a Short-Term Placement.

We have arranged Short-Term Placements for many years for those who have sought to go and serve with our teams. Previous placements have included working with a children’s club in Japan, coaching football in West Africa and teaching English to students in South Asia.

There is a wide variety of placements that can be arranged in different nations, based on your passion, skills and experience. To give you an idea, here are some examples of Short-Term Placement opportunities that you could get involved with:

  • Teach English to local students in France, Japan, South Asia or the largest nation in East Asia.
  • Use your hospitality and/or practical experience at centres in France, Spain and Wales.
  • Support the running of ministry training and discipleship programmes in Central Asia and Asia Minor
  • Teach tap dance or join a small church reaching out to the local surfing/beach community in France.
  • Serve small churches in the nations reaching out to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and many other people who have never heard of Jesus.

We want to support you as you step out and serve in mission. What has God put on your heart to do? We can arrange Short-Term Placements at any time throughout the year. They can be flexible in length and fit around your availability as well as the availability of our team.

We can also arrange Short-Term Placements for those wanting to volunteer at our Centre for the Nations in Llanelli, South Wales. Come and get involved in hospitality or give support to our administration and communications teams.

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