Our multi-national team has been involved in ministry to the people of Spain for over 30 years. We work in several locations in the south of the country, focusing on planting churches and supporting the leadership of evangelical fellowships. Though Spain has long had a strong Catholic presence, secularism is on the rise. We are looking for people to come and join our teams as they seek to reach out to the next generation.

Our teams based across Extremadura and Andalucía are excited to see how God is at work in these regions. We have seen a number of individuals come to faith and are looking for more people to come and work with us in youth and family ministries. Could you use your skills or interests as a way to build friendships within the local community? We are also looking for young adults to come and be a witness to those in their peer group.

In Andalucía, other elements of our work are friendship evangelism among immigrant communities, church ministry and hospitality. We are sharing the Gospel with those from Latin American backgrounds living in the region, and there are also exciting opportunities to witness to the great number of North Africans in the country. There is great potential to make new friends and share your faith as you integrate into the Spanish culture.