Turkey - Overland Expedition

Are you up for an adventure involving a dozen countries, stunning scenery, new friends, fascinating cultures and weeks of outdoor life? If you are after more in your summer, Overland Expeditions will deliver it!

With 2 weeks in Turkey your main purpose is to explore the far east of the country. You will travel extensively, staying in some remote places, accepting local hospitality and invitations for tea, and visiting some provinces where your team will represent the only Christians in the entire province. Here you will prayer walk, meet local people, learn about their way of life and seek opportunities to bless those who open their homes to you.

Home-stays in a Kurdish village, a visit to Cappadocia, some wild camping, sunset at the summit of Nemrut Dagi, staying in a French Chateau and much more will ensure you always have something to look forward to. We guarantee that you will have stories to share!

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