Sahara - Overland Expedition

Are you up for an adventure and the challenge of the unknown? Driving from the UK to North Africa we offer you a friendly team community, nights under starry skies and memories that will last a lifetime!

Leaving Spain for the short hop across the Mediterranean – what a sight as you glimpse Africa appearing out of the sea mist! With a fortnight in North Africa your main purpose is to travel widely, meeting and encouraging mission workers, hearing about their work and learning about the people of the region. Expect plenty of opportunities to interact with local people as you get out on the streets to walk and pray, meet people in cafes and accept the invitation to stay overnight. You will be amazed at North African hospitality!

Dune jumping in the Sahara, your own overnight mini-expedition to a rural village, stunning sunsets, traditional accommodation in a Saharan Oasis, campfires and shopping in ancient bazaars will ensure you always have something to look forward to. We guarantee that your faith will be stretched and you will come back with stories to share.

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