Who We Are

World Horizons exists on behalf of places and people not yet prayed for, churches not yet planted and cross-cultural workers not yet sent. We are a praying, prophetic, pioneering, pastoral mission movement.


Prayer is the heart and motor of all we do. Our starting point in ministry is to listen to God. Our response to understanding his heart is to cry out to God for His will to be done on the earth and to do whatever He asks of us, whether it is to pray more, or to be the answer to our own prayers.


Our work is based on hearing from God, then working in the direction He reveals, not from human wisdom.



It is our aim to work into the new and untouched regions; to go where most others are not going, and to see new things happen. We focus on the most difficult areas of the world and aim to be global, excellent and creative in all we do.


We care about our workers and the people we work among. Where we have a responsibility for their welfare, we take it seriously.


We exist because vast numbers of people in the world have yet to hear about Jesus in a way that they can understand. Our goal is to share the gospel with them and to make disciples in every people group.


World Horizons is primarily a network of people, joined together by relationship and a common goal, rather than a rigidly structured organisation. We are made up of individuals, families, churches, businesses and other creative projects and communities, all over the world, who are focused on working together to achieve a common goal. We choose to work together in teams, are committed to one another and our God-given visions, and attempt to have prayer as our number one priority.

Throughout the movement we are involved in a huge range of activities. These include: Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Business As Mission, Sports Ministries, Prayer, Training, Support Ministries, Encouraging Emerging Mission Movements, Education, Arts. Every member of World Horizons is responsible for raising their own support.

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