Our vision is to see twenty trained mission workers from World Horizons, Venezuela, released to fulfil their calling to the nations before the end of 2020.

World Horizons is a multi-national Christian charity with more than 300 workers living and working in over 30 different nations. Serving together in teams, our common goal is to share the Gospel with people who have never heard and in places where there is no church. We also want to be a positive influence within the communities we serve, seeing God’s kingdom established and discovering where God is already stirring in hearts and lives.

A sending base was established in Venezuela in 2011. Initially, many mission workers, trained to work cross-culturally, were being sent into mission by the Venezuelan church. Because of the current economic crisis in Venezuela the flow has been curtailed.

Just five years ago, Venezuela, with it’s natural resources of oil and gold,  was the richest country in South America. Today, due to hyperinflation, a cup of coffee costs a month’s wages and basic commodities are in short supply. As Venezuela continues to be a country in crisis, the church is no longer able to fund mission workers. Due to insufficient financial support, some have had to cut short their service overseas. Remarkably, the Venezuelan church still desires to send people to the least reached places around the world.

The V2020 Vision

Knowing that God makes all things possible, we have sought Him in prayer for an answer to this situation. Twenty trained Venezuelan mission workers have been fully prepared but are now unable to serve overseas. Despite the apparently insurmountable limitations, their sense of calling to go to the nations remains strong. Motivated to pray about the situation in Venezuela, we wanted to seek God’s perspective on the seemingly impossible. The two-year vision to send out twenty Venezuelans by the end of 2020 came into being, an interim solution to get these workers into the nations.

It costs in the region of £17,000 for one Venezuelan mission worker to serve for two years. In discussion with the World Horizons Venezuelan leaders, we have created a strategy for prioritising the order in which to send people out. The order is based on a set of carefully considered criteria. This includes missional experience, having prayer support, and being able to raise ten percent of the needed finance personally. Those lower down on the waiting list will have more time to raise their ten per cent and so qualify for the additional 90 per cent funding from the V2020 campaign.

We believe that the responsibility to send Venezuelans to the field still lies with the Venezuelan church. We are acting as a two-year stopgap to fund these 20 Venezuelans while we pray for the recovery of their nation.  By the end of 2020 our prayer is that the Venezuelan church will, once again, be able to finance their own missionaries.

Eslendy arrived back in Cambodia in early 2019 to continue her ministry. She shares; ‘Even though I’ve left family, church and friends, I am choosing to obey and go where I feel God is calling me – to work amongst those who have yet to hear the Gospel. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Cambodia.’

We are thankful for God’s provision and the amazing generosity of individuals. Funding has so far been raised to send out five of the 20 Venezuelan mission workers.

Elizabeth and Gelen, are now serving in West Africa and Marielbys in Turkey. The target amount has also been raised for Lexy who is heading for Cambodia.

We are currently raising funds for married couple Jesus and Yusmira who are planning to serve in the Middle East. The target amount needed before they can begin this ministry is £25,000.

How to give

Please consider this opportunity to partner with these Venezuelan mission workers in the unfinished task of bringing the Good News to the nations.

If you would like to give to the V2020 campaign through a regular Direct Debit or a one-off financial gift, please contact our Finance Department at finance@worldhorizons.co.uk. If you would prefer to give via PayPal, please click one of the links below. Complete the section ‘How would you like your donation used?’ Specifying your donation is for V2020.

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Get involved

Prayer continues to be an essential part of this vision. Will you unite with us in praying for the impossible, as we seek God’s provision, purposes and anointing for these twenty Venezuelans?

We would love to send a team or speaker to your church, Christian Union or youth group to share the vision of V2020. Please use the contact us form below if you would like to explore how you can be involved.

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